BUMP Chart vs CONCENTRIC Chart in Tableau

Rank is a powerful feature for any visualization. It is very effective to understand how each of the categorical members perform against the same measure with a sorted Rank chart. Also for best practices it is convenient for the end user to make quicker decisions with well sorted-ranked charts.

Win a Ducati Monster at Tableau Conference 2017

Scheduled to happen at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas from October 9-12 2017, the event has us and Tableau fans all around the world - pumped up. USEReady being Tableau’s long-standing Gold partner will be there too, of course. Filled with conversations on innovations and strategies with data, TC17 will sure be a hotbed for data geeks.

The Journey from Traditional BI to Self-Service Analytics

Traditional Business intelligence systems are less effective in managing such huge volumes of data. There are cases where the data integration phase runs into years. Also with unstructured data, it becomes very difficult to recognize patterns in tables and the more traditional BI display methods. Now here’s where self-service applications come into the picture.

Making Big Data User Friendly For Small Businesses

Big Data is by no means a new concept for most people in the business world. For many small businesses, the use of data technology has been mostly out of reach due to budget constraints and lack of in-house technical expertise. That is why many startups are making data accessible to low-tech businesses. Uday Hegde is the CEO and Co-Founder of USEReady, a data analytics firm that helps businesses implement data solutions.