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BI Trends to watch out for in 2017

BI Trends to watch out for in 2017

In the past few years, there have been notable changes in how businesses acquire, manage and consume data. 2016 specifically saw a huge surge in the popularity and adoption of self-service analytics.  Thanks to governed data discovery, business and IT ends have finally managed to come together in order to extract the full potential of data, and function smoothly for optimization of BI initiatives

Even though BI experts pretty much seem to be in total awareness of where are things headed in 2017, backed by the opinions of our BI experts who have helped numerous companies succeed with data - here are top 5 trends that we think will dominate 2017.  

Adoption will be the key

It’s been said before no matter how robust a BI project is unless it is adopted seamlessly by end users it is good for nothing. Organizations will constantly strive to cover maximum ground and bring users in sync with BI endeavors across the enterprise.

The fact that various departments will do so much better with analytics at their back and call, every minute of every day, needs no reiteration. Businesses using BI on a narrow scale will definitely face the heat of industrial fallback.

Modern BI will be the new traditional BI

It was in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics where Gartner redefined the Magic Quadrant to include only next generation platforms that deliver greater agility and business value than legacy, IT-centric systems.

The inclination towards a combination of rich visualizations and narratives to enhances and amplifies the user experience will run the frontier in 2017. The democratization of information will let users easily interpret data and visualizations and users will grow fond the copious trusted and scalable platforms to uncover insights in their data. 

Hi five to self-service data preparation

To reduce time and complexity in preparing data for analysis data preparation as a service has come into existence. Industry virtuoso Tableau also announced its self-service data preparation tool codenamed Project Maestro at one of the biggest annual data events Tableau Conference 2016.

Giants like Tableau innovating with dedication towards that end obviously means that agile and automated self-service data preparation will be the deal sealer this year. With business and IT ends coming together, data preparation will be a specialty of every analyst unlike that of IT or specific experts before and this will offer businesses a feistier competitive edge.

A year of supernatural analytics

Let analytics be omnipresent; It is evident that with real-time insights at our disposal, we can do the things that we do best, so much better. 2017 will be the year of embedded analytics helping departments be empowered for better enterprise operation.

Embedded analytics as it shouldn’t be, will cease to be an item of luxury in the BI ecosystem. Pros like better data integration, sharing and opportunities to innovate existing applications, are reason enough for every business to incorporate embedded analytics inevitably in 2017.

IoT will cheer for streaming analytics

Business Insider stamps IoT as "the next Industrial Revolution" as it is set to change the way businesses interact with the world. IoTs for streaming analytics will be a hoot in 2017 as they will offer businesses to watch the data as it enters the BI ecosystems.

Smarter data churning systems will catapult the data potential of organizations and this will gain more and more realization in 2017. BI complemented by IoTs will contribute to improved business operations as connected devices, sensors, and smart machines will boost real-time information. 

Self-service analytics less challenging for IT than traditional?

Self-service analytics less challenging for IT than traditional?

Best of 2016 - Tableau’s still the king of Business Intelligence - SiliconANGLE

Best of 2016 - Tableau’s still the king of Business Intelligence - SiliconANGLE