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7 years at USEReady-feels like journey just begun!

7 years at USEReady-feels like journey just begun!

Since the digital revolution, everyone has been in a race to prove themselves by setting up versatile and innovative ventures all over the world. The current business scenario is like a start-up storm.

The independence of innovation serves as a fuel to this end, however, most start-ups today lack a long-term vision. It's easy for us to get swept up by the excitement of start-ups, but we often forget that many of them fail and incur dues of time, money and human resources. 

I have seen heavily funded start-ups crumbling in the span of two to three years of them coming into existence. Then there is a self-sustained company like “USEReady” standing tall and sprinting the marathon amongst all the adversaries.

I feel extremely fortunate to be associated with USEReady since day one of its inception. The steady 7-year journey has shaped me into what I am today. Looking back on the years gone by, USEReady has become a way of life for me as I am sure it has been for all others who work here.

As I complete 7 years at USEReady, here are a few factors that fueled my professional life all along.

Motivation to Build a Passionate and Professional Organization 

Driven by the motivation to create opportunities that people crave for, I strived to strategize right from the start-up stage. I have always been at liberty to plan and execute in a way so that the professionalism is built right into the roots of the organization.

Create a “Vibrant Start-up Culture”

Blocking sunlight prevents the plants from photosynthesizing and that’s a buzzkill at most start-ups these days. At USEReady we have always practiced an open culture and a flat hierarchical structure. Equality and operational transparency are the two major solid foundation pillars of succeeding with a team, and that’s what we preach over here.

Ability to Take Quick Justifiable Decisions

Someone giving you authority is not a big thing, the bigger deal is you going through that authority when the ice is wafer thin. There are times when you are in charge of making decisions but you are also aware that the right decisions are going to be the hardest to make. The trust placed in me has molded me into a stronger and more responsible leader today.

Flair for Identifying Right Talent

I have been entrusted upon at USEReady to choose who I work with. This has certainly strengthened my abilities to identify right leaders and talent who can make difference in what they do! We at USEReady did this job really well. Today we have team members with the best caliber and infinite potential.

Value Creation

One of the most important tasks while building an enterprise is making every minute and every hand count. I have learned to make decisions and motivated my team keeping in mind the value that’s being created is not just for the organization but is at an individual level.

Running a Business within Business

Treading through my career at USEReady so far, I have acquired the knowledge and experience to positively influence USEReady’s future direction. It has helped me to sharpen my entrepreneurial abilities.

We at USEReady ensure that the team also feels that they are part of the P&L culture of the organization. It’s my true belief that it takes everyone in the company to achieve consistent year over year growth. We have grown approximately 60% since inception and that’s the result of everyone thinking in the direction of enabling this growth. 

Leadership & Perseverance

It’s very easy to give into obstacles that are inevitable when you are striving to achieve your goals. It takes a lot of strength to navigate through troubles, persevere to find and enact solutions to problems, repair damage, and take an active role in turning the situation around.

With seniority comes an immense responsibility of leading and mentoring others through their careers. Success must always fuel our abilities to spread positivity which in turn helps build a loyal team.  At USEReady we always promote superiors to become leaders who are naturally upheld by their team, rather than working to defend the authority.

Cheers to many more wonderful years ahead!

About the author

Shridhar is the Head of India Operations at USEReady. He holds 15+ years of experience in the IT field and has contributed to various roles in his professional journey. Shridhar has been an integral part of the management team since the inception of USEReady and is responsible for the overall well being of USEReady's operations in India. Visit Shridhar's LinkedIn Profile

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