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Tableau Conference 2017 - That's a wrap #Data17

Tableau Conference 2017 - That's a wrap #Data17


Our physical forms just got back from Data17, but the brains are still in trance and pieces of our souls still wandering the strip at Vegas.

#VegasStrong & #Data17Donates

The horrific shooting event of October 1, 2017 pulled us all down but Tableau decided to put forth a stronger message - facing evil with positive vibes and strength. The participants at TC17 brought their hearts along to be a part of #Data17Donates.

TC17 was a hotbed of data geeks

Since the beginning, Tableau Conference has been the largest data event for data geeks and analytics enthusiasts all around the world. Every year the data extravaganza attracts data fanatics who create memories, spread inspiration and enrich themselves and others with newer learnings.

It all happened at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

This year Tableau Conference aka Data17 was held in Las Vegas. On its 10th anniversary, Data17 brought together thousands of Tableau enthusiasts, innovators, and experts from all around the world. With certifications, hackathons, inspiring keynotes, exclusive customer sessions, crazy night outs, every minute of Data17 was a pleasure to be a part of.

Being the ardent Tableau fans that we are USEReady was a proud sponsor this year as well. Here are the highlights of happenings from the 5-day conference.

We gave away a Ducati Monster!

Keeping up with the tradition of bringing fun to the expo hall, USEReady organized a grand raffle and the prize was a super cool Ducati Monster. We set up camp at booth 137 and were flooded with entries for the Raffle. The winner of the Raffle was Steve Park from Texas.

USEReady's Ducati Raffle

Our Tableau medics turned data pain into gain!

We had endless chatter about data, analytics and doing amazing stuff with Tableau. Our Tableau Medics answered a zillion question and discussed our success from thousands of customer engagements.

Then there was the famous #IronViz pageant

Don't tell us otherwise! The Iron Viz championship is no less than a beauty pageant for data visualizers. This year the winner was Tristan Guillevin his mesmerizing animation of the housing market rollercoaster for him the well-deserved jacket. Congratulations Tristan.

The keynotes, Hyper demo, and tonnes more

CEO Adam Selipsky jump started Conference by expanding on Tableau’s vision to empower entire organizations to see and understand data. Tableau's Chief Product Officer, Francois Ajenstat, highlighted the upcoming Tableau innovations including Hyper - a new in-memory data engine technology and Tableau Server on Linux. The data night out was a major hoot as were the data plus women meetup, Makeover Monday and hundreds of other awesome huddles.

We had a great time and walked away with memories that'll last all year long. Occupying a corner of our heart are the victims of the Vegas tragedy and their families. We wish them all the strength in the world. Until we meet in New Orleans next year - from the entire Happy data geek clan at USEReady - This is a wrap.

USEReady is Tableau Service partner of the year 2017

USEReady is Tableau Service partner of the year 2017

Win a Ducati Monster at Tableau Conference 2017

Win a Ducati Monster at Tableau Conference 2017