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Population Pyramid in Tableau - 2 Methods

Population pyramid is a histogram type of graphical representation that shows population by gender where values are stacked top to bottom from high to low or low to high values. Some analysts call it a step chart because it looks like a flight of stairs. From a broader view, it represents a triangle or a pyramid structure.

In this blog, we shall be discussing two methods of creating this chart in Tableau. The first method is a crude method which has multiple pieces assembled on a Dashboard. The second method is a more powerful one where all changes are done in the same visualization.

Filter across Data Sources in Tableau - 3 Methods

With Tableau, Blends have been one of most important and difficult concepts to understand and execute. Tableau does a great job in providing color and visual cues in identifying the Main Source (Primary) and Dependent Sources (Secondary) after fields from both data sources come into the view.

Many of us after using blends in variety of cases, still have issues with them and constantly try to resolve them with hacks and tricks. One such case is or was ‘Filtering across data sources’ and it is a huge necessity for most organizations. With Tableau as a tool constantly evolving and adding more features for every new version and release, Blends and Cross Data Filters have found significant improvements.