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Split String fields based on delimiters in Tableau – 2 Methods

Split function introduced in Tableau 9 was a very good addition to the existing automatic functions available in Tableau in other lower versions. The split function has two features. One is an Auto split which identifies a common delimiter and creates only two new columns. The second one is a custom split where the Tableau developer specifies the delimiter and the number of columns required.

Converting JSON data into flat structure using Alteryx

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is an open-standard text-based storage format derived from JavaScript. The data is stored in Name-Value pairs. Some architects and developers prefer data in JOSN format because of its simple syntax.

But sometimes to analyze the data or do some testing or manipulation, we might need this data in a tidy Two – Dimensional flat structure where the column headers are on the top followed row level values like a standard Excel or CSV format. IN this blog, we will discuss about using Alteryx to convert the JSON file into a flat structure.