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Custom Territories with Aggregate Values in Tableau - 3 Methods

With Tableau 10.0 a new feature called Geographic grouping was introduced. It is an extension of the existing group feature by providing an automatic Geographic Role (Groups are manual and static buckets or segments created using existing Dimension members). Now this group acts as a parent and can be used on a Geo map without the support of the child field.

Creating a KML spatial file using Google maps for Tableau

With Tableau’s instant geocoding, it is very easy to build visually rich interactive maps for fields that have a specified geographic role.

For most of the developers, Spatial data for geo mapping is big requirement. Spatial data sets offer something that regular fields on Tableau cannot offer. For example – Lines and Polygons. These cannot be automatically shown on Tableau with the support of Point Oder, Path Information and Polygon data.

With Tableau 10.2, a new native spatial data connector was introduced. Most of the developers had a big sigh of relief as it made their jobs a little easy. The Spatial connector can be used to access KPI files, ESRI Shape files, Map-Info tables and GeoJSON files.