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Split String fields based on delimiters in Tableau – 2 Methods

Split function introduced in Tableau 9 was a very good addition to the existing automatic functions available in Tableau in other lower versions. The split function has two features. One is an Auto split which identifies a common delimiter and creates only two new columns. The second one is a custom split where the Tableau developer specifies the delimiter and the number of columns required.

Split file into equal outputs using Alteryx – 4 Methods

Data staging is a very important phase during database upgrades or database migration or for use in parallel processing. Some architects take the dump of entire data either as JSON format or Text format. Then the file is cut into multiple pieces so that the new data warehouse can be populated in small incremental steps. This helps in identifying errors and is also easy for debugging if the process fails at any stage. In this blog, we will be discussing different methods to split a sample file into equal pieces.